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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ways to write a slogan for your company

1. Use a Question
2. Describe your commitment
3.Explain Product / Service Superior Uniqueness
4.Evoke some benifits in a different creative way
5. Use and Emotion > to call an action
6. Use action to describe your product or service
7. Use imperative > to call an action
8. Use one word > action
9. Use a cheesy > to action
10. Product feature with abstract or outragious need
11. Product feature with a location / region or address
12. Combine a product feature with a benifit
13. Declare superlative product feature.
14. Make a promise
15. Be whimsical about your product or service
16. Address a spacific need
17. describe the cost for not using your product or service
18. Distill your company into 1 phrase

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What is Process Printing ?

Definition: To reproduce full-color photographic images, printing presses use 4 standard ink colors. The four inks are placed on the paper in layers of dots that combine to create the illusion of many more colors similar to a tv set. CMYK refers to the 4 ink colors used by the printing press. C is cyan (blue), M is magenta (red/pink), Y is yellow, and K is black, the key plate or keyline color.

This process has been the most popular because it is simple, takes only 4 plates / screen / inks to produce multicolored images. From your magazines to color news papers, the CMYK or "Process" Printing will conitue to bring you rich colored images.

Remember - You can't trust your monitor or your desktop printer when it comes to accurate color-matching. Pantone guides are a far better way to choose colors for your printed projects. Find just the right color for the paper stock you'll be using. One of these swatch books are what you'll want to add to your toolbox for all your process (4-color/CMYK) color needs.

Networking can be the first step to success

Networking is one of the best self mouth to mouth advertising you can give your company for virtually $0 dollars. Below i've listed a couple of tips to help your network with local partners.

1. Find 2-4 Companies

Where does your ideal customer shop or visit the most? Where do they like to eat? Create a list and then prioritize.

2. Contact the owner or manager
Arrange a meeting with the owner of the place and establish a great relashionship at first then, as them if you can post some literature of yours this will open the door to new traffic. Swaping literatre is also a great idea. In return for posting your literature you can post something of his on your website or location of business. Maybe an ad or menu.

Remeber to always post your website on your literature, everyone tends to check out the business online rather than calling someone.

Business Marketing Tips

To help you better market your product or services or both consider reading some of these articles from a we resourced website.

Customized Marketing Will Give You The Edge

Know Your Target Market So Your Marketing Will Reach Them

Make Your Business Card Visible and Useful

Professional Printing Is Best For Business Cards

Directed Advertising Gets Results

Free Publicity Is Like Money In The Bank

Use Business Christmas Cards To Build Relationships

Remeber, if you need any graphic design help please do not be hesitate you contact us.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back online

Well after crashing my computer this past week i'm finally up and running again... it took me several hours to re-install some of my programs.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Custom Graphic Imprinted Wearables and Hats


Here's some great apparel items that you may be interested. Remember that the list price is only for blank garments. Price will vary on imprint methods : Embroidery Screenprinting Applique and airbrush.

View our promotional wearables here.

Open Helpful Suggestions

GD Solutions is here to help you achieve your ultimate marketing goals in which ever way possible. Please send us an email with any positive or negative feedback so we can better serve you.

Remember, there is always a solution to a problem, it all depends on how much time and money you have. Keep motivated and make that business grow.!

Great Marketing Ideas & Tips

- Subscribe to an Internet usenet newsgroup or a list-serve that serves your target market. - Join a list-serve (email list) related to your profession.
- Identify a new market.
- Ask former clients why they left you.
- Ask clients why they hired you and solicit suggestions for improvement.
- Read market research studies about your profession, industry, product, target market groups, etc.
- Collect competitors’ ads and literature; study them for information about strategy, product features and benefits, etc.

• Never let a day pass without engaging in at least one marketing activity. • Determine a percentage of gross income to spend annually on marketing. • Set specific marketing goals every year; review and adjust quarterly. • Maintain a tickler file of ideas for later use. • Carry business cards with you (all day, every day). • Create a personal nametag or pin with your company name and logo on it and wear it at high visibility meetings

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Small Business Help

Need marketing help and specific information to make your business successful? Join the start up nation today and take advantage of great FREE information that can answer many of your questions.

START UP NATION. Jeff and Rich mentor you through radio, web, live events and through StartupNation: Open for Business (Doubleday, 2005), their new book for aspiring entrepreneurs. The Sloan brothers have always had a fascination with entrepreneurship and are known for their acumen in transforming ideas into vibrant businesses – making dreams into reality. To share their passion for entrepreneurship and their in-the-trenches wisdom with a worldwide audience, the Sloan brothers created StartupNation in 2002.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Driving Traffic

The whole idea behind marketing and advertising is bring as much traffic (eyes) to your businss in hopes to sell them something and make money. Here's a couple of Tips that can you help you do this.

Web Site: Get a web site, this is cheap and works for you 24/7. All your products/services and customer service questions can be answer when the customer views your site.

Web Networking: Ask other sites of interest to include a link of your site in exchange for their link. This is a win-win for both companies.

Advertisement: Even though this can get a little expensive it is a for sure way to tell the public that you exist. Always note at least your web site address on everything. you can start small.

Local Networking: Tell your friends and co working of your new busines, if they know and come accross some one they need your product or service theyll remeber and will refer them to you.
Also create a small flyer or business card and drop them off in your local areas for more BRAND exposure.